Dedicated to Supporting Surgeons

Assure offers surgeons a turnkey IONM solution, so they can focus on practicing medicine.

We are accredited by The Joint Commission and provide the best monitoring capabilities in the industry as well as a full suite of operational support including billing and scheduling, allowing surgeons to focus on what matters most – the patient.

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More than Technology

At Assure, we combine advanced neuromonitoring technology with highly-trained technologists and interpreting physicians committed to meeting the specific needs of every surgeon we work with and helping them deliver positive outcomes for their patients.

  • Our technologists use a 32-channel Cadwell Cascade Pro, a best-in-class IONM monitoring system.
  • Our locally-based technologists receive training well above industry requirements. They attend trainings around the country to learn and share best practices that advance care quality. They also receive continuing education on complex craniotomy procedures, vascular surgeries, the latest in spine monitoring techniques, operating room patient safety and more.

A Trusted Partner

We believe trust is earned every day, and surgeons want to be confident in the professionals on their operating room team.

  • Assure matches its technologists with surgeons, fostering long-term trusted relationships.
  • Assure serves as an extension of the surgery team so our technologists and interpreting physicians have a greater impact on patient care.
  • Our focus is on providing the highest level of care possible to patients and working in tandem with surgeons to allow for better patient care.

Dedicated to Compliance

Assure maintains a comprehensive compliance program that helps limit exposure for our surgeon partners by:

  • Training employees on healthcare statutes, regulations, and other compliance directives upon hire and periodically thereafter.
  • Conducting exclusion list checks to ensure we do not hire or retain employees who have been excluded by federal or state programs.
  • Offering a secure, anonymous process for receiving complaints or compliance concerns to encourage issue reporting.
  • Monitoring certain operations for compliance (e.g., billing to help ensure submitted claims comply with government and private payor requirements, which can help reduce the chance of false claims allegations).