Setting the Standard

From our patient advocates, to our technologists, billing experts, interpreting physicians, and support staff who answer the phones and handle every detail of surgery scheduling and setup, we specialize in neuromonitoring and are driven by integrity and accountability.

Assure Neuromonitoring is entirely dedicated to safeguarding patient’s quality of life after highly complex surgeries.

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The Assure Difference

  • Recruit and train the best technologists in the industry.
  • Prepare patients for what to expect from intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) and provide effective post-op patient follow-up.
  • State-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate patient data during surgery.
  • Trusted surgeon relationships, integration into the surgeon’s operating room team and delivery of better outcomes for patients.
  • Active involvement of oversight physicians to monitor cases, interpret data and communicate with the technologist and surgeon to deliver improved outcomes and patient safety in the operating room.
  • Detect early warning signs and take preventative measures to minimize risk during surgery.
  • Quality Assurance process that continually seeks to improve systems and outcomes.
  • Educate patients on what to expect from the IONM insurance process.

The industry standard for intraoperative neuromonitoring.

What sets Assure apart from other neuromonitoring providers is the combination of utilizing the latest technology and employing the industry’s best trained technologists who are committed to helping surgeons minimize risk and deliver positive outcomes for their patients.

Partner of Choice

Assure believes strong partnerships with patient-focused medical professionals can improve healthcare. Our team of highly skilled, board-certified technologists are essential members of our surgeon’s operating room teams. Our commitment to building relationships, including pairing individual technologist’s with specific surgeons to foster trust and continuity, has made Assure the partner of choice for doctors and hospitals. The result is exceptional patient care and improved patient outcomes.

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Committed Professionals

Assure recruits, invests in training and technology, and is committed to retaining the best technologists in the industry. Our mission-driven professionals are entirely committed to providing surgeon partners with clinical excellence and our patients with enhanced safety.

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Joint Commission Accreditation

Assure Neuromonitoring has been accredited by The Joint Commission in Ambulatory Healthcare. We are proud to be among the few company’s in IONM to earn this prestigious certification. The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® provides patients confidence in a healthcare organization’s quality and safety of care. The Joint Commission Accreditation requires participating healthcare organizations to have continuously updated plans, training, education, policies and procedures, objective performance measures and continuous improvement processes.