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Mission Statement

Assure Neuromonitoring is committed to delivering the highest quality service in the industry. Our patient driven focus is at the core of our organization and is impressed upon all stakeholders. Assure employs the highest quality technologists and support staff in the field, thus instilling continuity, reliability and confidence for both patients and physicians alike.


    Research has shown effective IONM decreases the likely hood of post operative permanent neurological deficits.

  • Preventative Measures

    IONM is vital for your needs during surgery to help ensure your safety and decrease risks associated with your procedure.


    If there are any changes in your responses during the procedure, the technologist will inform your surgeon immediately.

What is IONM?

Surgical procedures that involve the nervous system, directly, indirectly or inherently places neural structures at risk. The integrity of those structures at risk can be monitored using various techniques.

These techniques are known as intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring, or IONM. If a change in nerve activity is noticed during the procedure, the technologist reports this change to the surgeon. Corrective action may then be initiated by either the surgeon or anesthesia staff. IONM is also used during the operation to help guide the surgeon in order to obtain more precise results.

The goal of IONM is to identify changes in brain, spinal cord, and/or peripheral nerve function in order to prevent complications that could result in irreversible nerve damage.

Why IONM is important for patients?

When an individual is undergoing a delicate procedure that involves working near critical nervous structures, Assure will provide state of the art guidance and real time information to assist with a positive outcome.

These delicate procedures inherently place your nervous system at risk. When your surgeon partners with assure, a technician monitors these nervous structures during the procedure and works together with your surgeon to decrease the risk of permanent nerve damage.

Research has proven IONM to be effective in decreasing the chance of nerve damage and providing patients with better clinical outcomes.

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