The Industry Standard

Assure sets the standard for intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM). We are a national healthcare company that provides best-in-class neuromonitoring services by exceeding quality and training benchmarks. The key to our success is our team of talented, highly-trained technologists that become part of the surgical team. Together, our work mitigates unnecessary risk and ensures quality of life after complex surgeries.

As IONM technology has become a best practice for ensuring patient safety and quality of life after highly complex surgical procedures, Assure has become the industry’s leading healthcare company.

Assure is unique. We combine the latest neuromonitoring technology with highly-trained technologists and neurologists who are committed to helping surgeons deliver positive outcomes for the patients we serve.

Our technologists use a 32-channel Cadwell Cascade Pro, a preeminent IONM system.

Our technologists receive training well above industry requirements.

Assure technologists attend trainings around the country to learn and share best practices that advance care quality. They participate in continuing education focused on complex craniotomy procedures, vascular surgeries, the latest in spine monitoring techniques, operating room patient safety and more.

Assure personalizes every patient interaction.

Our patient advocates and technologists provide patients with information ahead of their surgery, on the day of surgery, and are available postoperatively to answer questions.

This commitment to a coordinated, positive patient experience sets Assure apart from other IONM providers.

As a publicly traded company, Assure is held to higher ethical business standards. Our partners appreciate knowing they are working with a provider that is committed to transparency and principled operations.

Improved outcomes and a positive patient experience are central to our mission.