Industry Standard of Care

As IONM has become a best practice for protecting patient safety and quality of life during and following complex surgeries, Assure has risen the bar to exceed the expectations of the patients we serve.

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Patients First

Surgery is a sentinel event in the life of every patient. We believe patients deserve the very best chance at a successful outcome.

We believe that requires a full team of highly skilled clinicians including surgeons, nurses – and IONM technologists – working to ensure the best possible outcome.

Professional Staff

Our team of board certified, highly trained technologists closely monitor the nervous system during the procedure with the goal of helping the surgery team prevent nervous system damage and ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Our monitoring service saves lives and ensures a patient’s quality of life during and after intricate surgeries.

The entire Assure team is grounded in our shared mission of being the best neuromonitoring service provider to make certain that patients receive the highest quality of care possible and have a positive experience.

Advanced Quality of Care

Through our professional development program, we require each of our technologists to set personal achievement goals and receive continuing education well beyond the industry standard. Assure technologists also attend trainings nationwide to learn best practices and advance quality of care.

Positive Outcomes for Patients

What sets Assure apart from other neuromonitoring providers is the combination of the latest technology and the industry’s highest trained technologists who are committed to helping surgeons deliver positive outcomes for the patients.

Our team of patient advocates and technologists provide patients with information before and after surgeries to answer questions, assist patients and ensure seamless care coordination.