Protecting Patient Safety and Quality of Life

Safety, service and improved clinical outcomes are the cornerstones of our mission.

Assure provides high-quality, high-value care backed by compassionate service. We provide our technologists and interpreting physicians with the tools, technologies and resources needed to deliver the best care possible. Doing what’s right for our patients in a simple, transparent way is the core of everything we do and every decision we make.

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Patients First

Surgery is a sentinel event in the life of every patient. We believe patients deserve the very best chance at a successful outcome.

This requires a team of highly skilled operating room clinicians including surgeons, nurses – and IONM technologists and interpreting physicians – working to ensure the best possible outcome.

Professional Staff

Our team of board certified, highly trained technologists and interpreting physicians closely monitor the nervous system during complex, invasive procedures with the goal of helping the surgery team prevent nervous system damage and ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Our monitoring service saves lives and ensures a patient’s quality of life during and after intricate surgeries.

Remote Physicians

Assure’s telehealth MD’s are board-certified in both neurology and clinical neurophysiology. Our interpreting physicians are experienced in providing remote neurology services for surgical procedures. They are immediately available to assist should any issues arise during surgery. In addition, Assure’s interpreting physicians provide a detailed report after the case is complete, which is included in the patient’s electronic record.

Positive Outcomes for Patients

Assure combines the latest technology with the industry’s highest trained technologists and interpreting physicians. We are committed to helping surgeons deliver positive outcomes for the patients.

Our team of patient advocates and technologists provide patients with information before and after surgeries to answer questions, assist patients and ensure seamless care coordination.

Advanced Quality of Care

Through our professional development program, we require each of our technologists to set personal achievement goals and receive continuing education well beyond the industry standard. Assure technologists also attend trainings nationwide to learn best practices and advance quality of care.

Patient FAQ’s

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  • Our clinical guidelines are among the highest level in the industry. Each technologist is board certified in CNIM or board eligible for the CNIM and many have secondary accreditations in R.EP T or R.EEG T. In addition, each technologist has extensive education and experience in the healthcare industry.

  • Assure provides remote physician supervision as an integral part of the company’s service. The remote physician is an important element of quality control and provides interpretation of the data from the technologist in real time.

  • Patient advocates - Assure has dedicated patient advocates who will contact you prior to your procedure to discuss the IONM services Assure provides, explains the billing process and answers any questions.
  • Pre-Op Meeting - An Assure Neuromonitoring Technologist will meet you in the preoperative area as you prepare for your procedure. The technologist will discuss the monitoring aspect of your procedure with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Monitoring Set-up - After you are asleep, the technologist will place electrodes that allow the continuous monitoring of the nervous structures placed at risk during your procedure. These electrodes will be removed prior to your waking from anesthesia. Placement and removal of the electrodes while you are under anesthesia ensure that there is no discomfort from the monitoring portion of the procedure. You may notice some small bruises and pin pricks from where the electrodes were placed, they should resolve in a day or two following your procedure.
  • Continuous Monitoring - Once the electrodes are placed, they are connected to specialized neuromonitoring equipment which allows the technologist to run numerous monitoring modalities, continuously testing your neural function throughout the entirety of the procedure. If there are any changes in neural activity, the technologist will immediately inform the remote oversight physician and the surgeon. The oversight physician will identify the cause of the change, allowing the surgical team to take corrective action.
  • Detailed Reporting - Following your procedure, the technologist will perform a generalized neurologic assessment and submit detailed reports on the IONM findings to the hospital for your patient chart.

  • Assure has dedicated patient advocates who will contact you prior to your procedure to discuss the services we provide, further explain the billing process and answer any questions you may have. Our patient advocates will follow up in the weeks after your procedure, as well.

  • Please contact our main office (Toll Free: 1-877-208-1373) to be connected to the appropriate member of your health care team.

  • In most cases, Assure Neuromonitoring is an out-of-network provider. We will bill your medical insurance carrier(s) for our role in your procedure. After we bill your medical insurance carrier, you may receive two Explanation of Benefits (EOB) – one relating to the technologist services and the other associated with off-site oversight physician services. The EOB’s will explain what services your medical insurance policy covers and those it does not cover. The EOB’s are not a bill. After receiving the EOB’s from your medical insurance carrier(s) we will contact you regarding any outstanding balance owed for the services provided to you and work with you to resolve any remaining payment. Assure never engages in surprise or balance billing.

  • If you have any questions regarding IONM billing, please do not hesitate to contact one of our patient billing advocates (Toll Free: 877-208-1373 or email

  • Our services are covered by most insurance plans. Of course, each insurance policy is unique to each patient. You should always check with your insurance company for more information. Assure provides services regardless of a patient's personal ability to pay and never engages in surprise or balance billing.
  • We strive to verify our patient’s coverage, help you understand your coverage, and put your plan to work for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our helpful patient billing advocates.

  • If your surgeon requested IONM out of medical necessity, contact Assure’s benefits specialist (Toll Free: 877-208-1373; so we can verify your benefits before surgery. Our benefits specialist will then work with your insurance company to get IONM covered. Assure uses its financial policy to assist patients with their liability.  Provide us with the financial information necessary to populate an application and we can help with applicable discounts for any patient with self-pay or commercial insurance.