Medical Device Distributor Story

Assure is a Joint Commission-accredited provider of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) and remote neurology services throughout the United States.

TEN20 Medical knew they needed a trusted partner that could help them expand their bag by providing exceptional clinical care to support the expansion of its portfolio into medical services including IONM. After comparing several options, they chose to partner with Assure.

More than technology.

At Assure, we combine advanced neuromonitoring technology with highly-trained, board-certified neurophysiologists committed to meeting the specific needs of every surgeon we work with and helping them deliver positive outcomes for their patients.
  • Assure dedicates each highly trained and experienced neurophysiologist to a specific surgical group as an integral part of that operating room team. We also employ a pool of traveling neurophysiologists to ensure 100% case coverage and access.
  • All Assure cases have professional oversight neurologists monitoring real-time alongside our neurophysiologists providing live feedback through constant communication with the surgicial team.
  • Assure’s patient advocate team communicates with patients prior to, day of and following procedures, educating on what to expect from IONM and support in navigating the insurance process.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate patient data during surgery.
  • Quality Assurance process that continually seeks to improve systems and outcomes.
  • As the only publicly traded company in our industry, Nasdaq-listed Assure is a market-leader in transparency, principled operations and commitment to ethical business standards.

Download the case study today.

Download Ten20 Medical’s Case Study to read how working with Assure has positively impacted their business.